Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Is Free Without Multiplayer Now

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is frequently discounted at basically every big sale nowadays, but for those who weren’t sure if they wanted to buy the game for dirt cheap, Valve has now released a free version of the game, even if it doesn’t have anywhere near as much to do.

The free version cuts almost all the online functions out, not letting you play online against other people, only alone with bots. You can, however, spectate matches that other people are playing through GOTV despite this.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the fourth game in Valve’s famous shooter franchise, although there are also three free spin-offs by Nexon for the eastern Asian market.

The Counter-Strike franchise has always been a staple of the competitive multiplayer shooter fanbase, with several competitions every year. Two teams of five battle it out as terrorists and counter-terrorists, using the money they get each round to buy armor or more powerful/faster weapons, for more firepower in the next round. There are only a few different types of guns, and you can only buy different cosmetic skins for these with real money, not actual different types of guns that make any gameplay difference.

CS:GO Free Edition is now available for PC, Mac, and Linux through Steam.

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