Cody Coming To Street Fighter V On June 26th

Street Fighter V

Combo Breaker 2018 took place over the weekend, which saw tournaments for a variety of different fighting games. Naturally, Street Fighter V was there, but Capcom decided to give the fans a little bit of extra news to go home with: they showcased the debut trailer for upcoming Season 3 character Cody.

The new trailer, which you can see below, demonstrates some of Cody’s moves and abilities, and like a lot of returning characters in Street Fighter V, he’s a lot different than you might be used to. For starters, Criminal Upper has been made into a Critical Art, similar to Bison’s Psycho Crusher. Meanwhile, his ability to use weapons has been moved to his V-Trigger. The first trigger sees him pulling a knife, whilst the second one pulls out the trusty pipe that we all remember from Final Fight.

Also, as an interesting aside, the trailer also features Kenny Omega, current New Japan Pro Wrestling star and Street Fighter super-fan, starring as Cody in a live-action segment. Some of you may know that Kenny was a Cody main back in Street Fighter IV, so this is a great nod to that. Oh, and the guy he’s talking to on the phone? Xavier Woods. Seems like their joke fighting game/Twitter feud extends to reveal trailers. I love it. 

Lastly, like all Street Fighter V DLC characters, Cody will launch with a few extra costumes, including his legacy outfits from Alpha 3 and Final Fight, a Mike Haggar inspired outfit and a sweet tuxedo. Who cares about any of that though when his default outfit looks that good? Cody scrubs up good when he’s not in a prison jumpsuit.

Will you be playing Cody when he joins the Street Fighter V roster on June 26th? Sound off in the comments below, and check out our list of some of Street Fighter’s forgotten warriors

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