Chivalry 2 Open Beta: Start Times, Content & What You Should Know


Chivalry 2
Chivalry 2

Tripwire Interactive and Torn Banner Studios have announced that Chivalry 2, the upcoming multiplayer medieval melee simulator, will be receiving a cross-play open beta on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and the Xbox Series X | S next week.


What Is Chivalry 2?

Again, Chivalry 2 is a medieval multiplayer game that sees players take on the role of knights, doing battle across a wide variety of battlefields with plenty of historical weapons. Or, you could just pick up a barrel and throw it at dudes who look at you funny. That’s also a valid option.

Chivalry originally started as Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, likely as a tongue-in-cheek jab at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The sequel has been refined with a combat system that allows for flowing combos and a much faster pace, along with enhanced defensive options to compensate.


What Features Will Be In Chivalry 2’s Open Beta?

The open beta will include a lot of features that were present in the closed beta, including the Team Objective and Team Deathmatch modes. TDM will have the same maps, while Objective will include two new maps, The Slaughter of Coxwell and The Battle of Darkforest. The Siege of Rudhelm map is also included, but The Fall of Lionspire, a map featured in the closed beta, isn’t mentioned in the press release.

As for other new features that’ll be present in the open beta, a new mode will be added in the form of Free-For-All, which is exactly the kind of chaotic bedlam that sounds like. There will also be options for 40 player and 64 player Team Objective modes, Duel Servers exclusively for PC players to practice and compete in 1v1 fights (which I hope is a feature that comes to console too), along with full customisation of your in-game appearance.


So When Can I Play It?

The Chivalry 2 open beta will start on May 27th at 11am ET, and will end on June 1st at 1am ET. It’ll be available across all platforms, and you’ll be able to pre-download the beta a day earlier on May 26th at 11am ET, but it’ll be the last play test ahead of the game’s launch on June 8th. For console players, you’ll be able to play the beta for free on PS4 and PS5, but Xbox players will need a Gold membership to get involved.

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