Bruce Campbell Will Make America Groovy Again in Presidential Bid

Ash 4 President

a-cut-above-the-restThe two-party system is flawed. Even the most oblique of people should be able to see that neither Clinton or Trump are purer than water, which is why America really needs to reconsider its whole political stance. They should start by letting a fictional character from a beloved horror franchise run.

Currently gearing up for its second season, Ash vs. Evil Dead is going all for broke with its marketing to find some new viewers. Although it isn’t exactly unpopular, it isn’t really hitting the heights that the continuation of one of the most revered horror franchises deserves.

Enter Bruce Campbell being only a slightly exaggerated version of himself as Ash Williams, the series’ protagonist. Promising to make America groovy again, he argues that the country needs someone that “looks like Mitt Romney from the waist up, but is Barack Obama from the waist down”.

He’s got my vote. Sure, Ash may sometimes be a bit of a sexual predator, but it’s better than voting for a lizard or a robot to run the country.

Ash vs. Evil Dead season 2 starts this October.

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