BOOK REVIEW: Hate From the Sky by Sean Thompson

Hate From the Sky book

Kyle has a serious problem, which is that the sky hates him. He doesn’t know what he did to upset it, and he doesn’t know how to fix it. His day-to-day life is spent dodging attacks from the sky, and he’s tried multiple things to appease it. Yet, nothing he does seems to be working. And his life is quickly falling apart.

Hate From The Sky is potentially one of the strangest books I’ve read, exploring a unique idea. Classified under bizarro fiction, it attempts to merge the dark and bizarre, with the humorous. In many ways the book manages to do this. The omnipresent sky character’s existence in the book itself makes it easy to both laugh at the main character, while simultaneously sympathising with him at times.

Nevertheless, there are times when the book pushes boundaries of the dark. It’s certainly not a book for the faint hearted, as Kyle’s attempts to escape from, and appease, the sky, are filled with strange criminal and sexual exploits. While at times Kyle’s adventures manage to combine the dark and the humorous quite cleverly, there are other times when it feels lacklustre, and the darkness overpowers the cleverness and the humour.

Hate From The Sky is a novella, which means that its short format can be a little bit of a disservice. In many ways, the book offers a very superficial entry into Kyle’s life, and his strange adventures as he tries to figure and deal with the Sky’s dislike of him. The book is fast-paced and often jumps quickly from one scene to the next. This makes the reading experience of it quite disjointed.

On the whole, Hate From The Sky was an interesting novella to read. It’s very different from anything I have read before, with an unlikely concept.

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