Blizzard Adds Wheels to Overwatch Car, Makes Game Unplayable

(We may be exaggerating a teeny bit.)


Overwatch’s Uprising PvE event has been a mixed bag of highs and lows. The event itself has been well-received, with players praising the new game mode and cosmetics, even though server issues and login problems dampened some players’ spirits over the Easter weekend.

However, players have been more focused on something big that’s shocked Overwatch fans everywhere: one of the cars in King’s Row has wheels.

The wheeled Overwatch car. SHOCKING.

You may not think this is a big deal if you haven’t read this LA Times article with Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan, where he claims that “every car [in Overwatch] must fly.” As illustrated above by a screenshot I took (my low health is an indication of me trying to take a screenshot whilst getting pummelled by Null Sector bots), you can see that one of the cars in the Uprising event has regular, non-hovering wheels. Aka, it’s a car that doesn’t fly. It truly is the end of days.


This heinous crime has been illustrated perfectly in this video by DarwinStreams:

Why did you do it, Jeff? Why?


Get paid.