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Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Released, Brings Back Deckard

The trailer for the long-rumoured sequel to the 1982 classic Blade Runner has just dropped, so now we finally know what the enigmatic Blade Runner 2049 might look and sound like.

In short: pretty fucking good.


Though the teaser doesn’t reveal much in terms of plot, fans of the original will likely be able to decipher a general storyline from what we’ve got here. My guess is that Ryan Gosling’s character is a modern-day Blade Runner (future police officer, for those not in the know), and, as the movie is set 30 years after the original, has been sent to retire (murder, pretty much) Harrison Ford’s classic character.


Spoilers for a classic sci-fi movie here: It was always heavily hinted that Harrison Ford’s ‘Deckard’ in the original movie was one of the film’s dangerous robot ‘Replicants’, and 2049‘s plot ends up this way, then that theory is pretty much confirmed. Though in all fairness, that mystery was resolved a while ago by the film’s director, Ridley Scott.

Plot points aside, the new teaser perfectly captures the moody, noir sci-fi feel of the original. From the synth soundtrack to the dark and menacing colour palette; everything is here to please dedicated fans. I for one cannot wait to see how this film turns out next June on release, and will no doubt be seeing it multiple times. After all, it’s been a long wait.