BIGGINS PLAYS: Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 – A Masterpiece?

Biggins Plays

Biggins tried to turn his life around, to be less of a miserly bastard and see the positivity in existence. After deciding to work overseas with orphans, he thought he had found his purpose. An unfamiliar expression crossed his face: a smile.

It physically hurt at first, but working with children allowed Biggins to see the bright side of life. They had all gone through so much and never lost their joy. They were his inspiration, his reason to become a better person.

That is, of course, until he discovered that he wasn’t going to be paid. He took the next flight home to return to us and find his true calling: talking about video games and wallowing in the futility of breathing.

The first game in his sights is Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4. Does it live up to expectations, or does it cobbling together too many ideas from other games sink it? Let’s find out.

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