17 Best YouTube Movie Channels of 2020 To Check Out

Those on the smaller screen who know all about the big.

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There’re tons of channels that celebrate a love for cinema, and even the more popular ones are seemingly uncredited for their insight, hilarity, and genuineness. That lack of representation needs to change, and I want to help change it. My most recent contribution? Compiling this list of talented, funny, wonderful human beings that love movies almost as much as I do.

In a year that had many of us feeling rather uncertain about our futures, the sense of comfort and familiarity these content creators have given us and continue to give us is nothing short of inspiring and certainly worthy of praise. In no particular order, here are 17 of the best YouTube movie channels of 2020. All figures are accurate at the time of writing.


1. C-Reel Productions

Christian’s ability to passionately discuss film and offer his perspective is merely a fraction of what makes C-Reel Productions an entertaining channel.

He currently has 10k subscribers and releases several videos weekly. The channel has been up and running since mid-November of 2016; since which time it has noticeably maintained its friendly vibe, primarily through Christian’s confidence in front of the camera. C-Reel Productions has a slight and enthusiastic focus on the superhero subgenre, but covers many other types of films as well.


2. The Reel Rejects

Debuting all the way back in 2012, Greg and John have been creating consistently good movie reviews, as well as humorous skits and reactions to trailers. Of course back then they went by Ryan and Jerry.

Since then, their channel has grown incredibly popular and the comedic duo have kept us updated with all sorts of movie news in a rather timely manner. If not from me, take it from any of their 788k subscribers, their videos are funny and entertaining, and they put out several new ones a week.


3. Tasha Tipton

Tasha began uploading videos just over a year ago and already has an impressive 7.59k subscribers. She’s sometimes joined by her friends, Emma and Elizabeth, whose reactions are just as priceless as Tasha’s. The channel explores all kinds of genres and even reacts to episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., as well.

I believe that, with its positive vibe and genuineness of the reaction videos and reviews, Ms. Tipton’s channel has a lot of potential to reach a much wider audience this year, and it would be well deserved.


4. Austin Burke

Austin’s channel has been up and running for about 6 years now and is currently keeping 82.1k subscribers in the loop with neatly edited movie news updates, and well-thought-out rankings and reviews.

It’s obvious that not only does Austin put a lot of effort into these videos, he’s also having fun doing it. He discusses theatrical releases and streaming service productions, several times a week, seemingly with ease. If you’re casually surfing the internet one night unsure of what to watch, Austin’s channel has binge-worthy content that will keep you occupied.


5. Decker Shado

The self-proclaimed “internet personality with the best hair” has a knack for talking fast and thinking even faster. Adequately combining impressive hilarious timing with in-depth critiques of both mainstream and cult films, Decker’s channel never fails to entertain.

He currently has 172k subscribers and 12 years worth of content, with some of his videos including comedic skits, as well as additional notes for his reviews. Even if the movie itself isn’t up your alley, Decker’s reviews are sure to have you laughing.


6. Ashleigh Burton

Almost a year after Ashleigh started her YouTube channel, she’s already at a noteworthy 49.4k subscribers. She has a series of reaction and review videos titled, “Millenial Movie Mondays” where, as the title clearly indicates, Ashleigh reacts to movies that she hasn’t seen.

A lot of the movies seem to be suggestions from her subscribers. It’s obvious a lot of work goes into creating and editing her videos, and the payoff is her genuinely interesting reactions to movies you and I have likely etched into our minds. Extra points for Beans the cat.


7. The Flick Pick

The first thing that got me hooked on John Flickinger’s videos is his love of physical media, primarily because I can relate to that. The Flick Pick is his main channel and has 277k subscribers, and his second channel, John Flickinger, has 97.4k subscribers.

Both feature insightful, well put together videos that terrifically capture what it’s like to be a shamelessly passionate cinephile with seemingly unmatchable heart and energy. His primary channel has been up for 10 years and his secondary channel has been around for 9.


8. Cinema Rules

In just over 5 months of creating videos, Shaun and Tom have managed to attract 42.3k subscribers. The two of them react and review movies one or the other, and sometimes both, have not seen previously.

They began their channel by reviewing classic horror movies and have since explored other genres. One of the most appealing aspects of Cinema Rules is the brotherly bond between the hosts, who clearly aspire to be filmmakers and are passionate enough to pull it off.


9. VKunia

Vicky’s original channel has unfortunately fallen victim to YouTube’s restrictive and sometimes unclear policies, however she’s since created a secondary account with the same wonderful effort and insight that makes her channel so unique. Her new channel is currently at 27.8k subscribers, though it’s merely been active for 2 months.

Vicky really focuses on the films she watches to the same professional degree any respectable film critic would. The amiable and intelligent content creators are the most entertaining, and it’s especially evident at VKunia.


10. We Watched A Movie

Mike and J at We Watched A Movie have come a long way in the 9 years they’ve been reviewing movies and creating hilarious parodies and skits, and any of their 125k subscribers will surely tell you the same.

They upload new content weekly, as well as participate in live streams and unboxing videos. Half the fun of their channel is the positive vibe and wild energy the two hosts bring with their big personalities and even bigger appreciation for films, new and old. They’re down to Earth and appreciate their subscribers more than any popular influencer I’m aware of.


11. Zach Pope

No one embodies the spiritedness of cinephilia quite the same way Zach does. He’s been a film critic on YouTube for about 6 years now, reaching 17k subscribers.

There is no shortage of content available with thorough, articulate reviews for an array of films and shows of various genres and subgenres. Zach usually uploads a few videos a week and will occasionally do live Q&A streams, where he continues to clearly show his love for cinema.


12. Facci’s Faccmonster Cinema

Matt began his channel in June of 2020 and has shown a terrific appreciation and knowledge of horror films, often reacting to classics he’s not yet seen via live streams and enjoyable reviews.

Obviously a fresher face on YouTube and catering to what many would say is a niche genre, the Faccmonster is still reaching 280 subscribers, rightfully climbing in viewership and subscriptions week after week. Whereas many reviewers began with semi-grainy videos taken from harsh angles, Matt’s editing and set up puts him ahead of the curve.


13. Stoned Gremlin Productions

Currently at 166k subscribers, Stoned Gremlin Productions is the home of Brad Jones’s “Cinema Snob” host persona and Lloyd the Siamese Cat. The channel has been around since 2015 and never misses an opportunity to comedically offer in-depth criticisms and feedback on movies old and new.

More than that, post-screening reviews with members of “Team Snob” are also worthy of a subscription. One of the most entertaining aspects of The Cinema Snob is the comical and clever pop culture references found in each upload — and Lloyd. Obviously.


14. Drumdums

Not only is Lee one of the nicest human beings on YouTube, he’s also a retired Air Force MSgt, a Rotten Tomatoes critic, and he’s also an avid drummer. Imagine having all that energy, as well as faithfully uploading to YouTube for 7 years, and it’s easy to understand why he has 41.4k subscribers.

Providing thorough critiques and convention videos, Drumdums is easily one of the most enjoyable channels around. Whether it’s reviews, reactions, rankings or revisists, Drumdums is a worthy watch.


15. Chris Stuckmann

One of the most professional and affable film critics around today, Chris Stuckmann is also an author. He currently has 1.88 million subscribers and it’s of course something very well deserved.

Chris has excellent diction, an understanding of the many facets of filmmaking, and balances humor with his professionalism. His channel, now in its 10th year, covers many films, old and new, of different genres and subgenres. You can expect a couple new uploads a month.


16. Jimmy Champane


Jimmy’s channel offers movie news, retrospectives, and more recently, a Halloween fan film. The channel has definitely leaned more towards cinephiles and horror fanatics, though anyone can find joy and be easily fascinated by Jimmy’s kind nature and ability to professionally discuss cinema.

He has 31k subscribers and counting, with a couple monthly video uploads to look forward to. As with every channel I’m listing, Jimmy Champane has a great eye for background set up, thumbnail creation and video editing.


17. Dr. Wolfula

This channel has it all: a memorable host, ruminative, albeit succinct explanations and criticisms, and in-depth knowledge of genre films.

10 years and 107k subscribers later, Dr. Wolfula manages to keep his channel fresh and entertaining, and the amount of dedication to detail is indisputably awe-inspiring. You don’t necessarily have to be a fan of the horror genre to enjoy Dr. Wolfula’s content. In fact, I would argue his reviews are more in-depth than most other reviewers’.

There’s truly something for everybody, and these are just a few of my favorite YouTubers. If you have not done so already, I encourage you to check out these channels. Let us know how many you subscribe to.

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