Battlefield V: 5 Map Locations We Want To See

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Battlefield V has finally been revealed and has shown us how EA DICE are building on the success of Battlefield 1, but I felt that the Battlefield team weren’t clear about what different locations we would be playing in. They made it clear that we would be fighting in different places; Rotterdam was mentioned as was Scandinavia but aside from that not much was given away.

It seems a given that we will be fighting in Europe, but Europe is a big place and the conflict spanned across many different countries. Not to mention the Pacific campaign that encapsulated almost an entire ocean along with thousands of miles of coastline and numerous Islands. So hopefully we will see lots of different locations spanning different countries and continents.

I want to explore different map locations because we have all fought our way up Omaha beach or stormed the Reichstag. Most World War 2 games would not be complete without those battles but what I took away from the Battlefield V reveal is that the team are looking to highlight locations that were just as important.

So here are five map locations that I would love to see in BFV:


5. Iwo Jima

Battlefield V

A quick search through Wikipedia will show you that the Battle for Iwo Jima was no picnic. It was a battle fought over a desolate piece of volcanic rock close to the shores of Japan. It was a very costly and bloody battle that gave us one of the world’s most iconic photographs.

I think that this location would make an excellent Domination map as the island itself is small and it would force the attacking players to work together and take the tunnel system within the only high ground and overwhelm the enemy defending Mount Suribachi.

The lack of control points would mean a greater emphasis on building and defending key points, more coordination between the attacking forces and air support and a heavier reliance on teamwork rather than ‘going it alone’. One idea for the map could be that the defenders do not start with air support but instead an early warning system, telling them when the American planes would appear. The attacking players could call on naval support to help them overcome the resistance to their landings on the beaches but only while they are establishing a beachhead.


4. Battle for St. Vith (Battle of the Bulge)

Battlefield V

Anyone who has watched Band of Brothers will know that the Battle of the Bulge involved lots of snow, shelling and snipers. I can think of no better place to have a Team Deathmatch map than in the town of St. Vith. The town and the road network was vital to the German advance and its capture would lay the foundations to the Germans’ ultimate goal of capturing Antwerp. The rear-guard action fought by the American forces did just enough to slow down the German attack and stall the overall German offensive.

The town itself would be perfect for a Team Deathmatch as players would have scramble through farm buildings, cottages and over bridges all while battling the conditions. The Battlefield V reveal showed us that we won’t just be taking on our enemies in the summer months, we can expect to take to the battlefield in all weather conditions.


3. Dunkirk

Battlefield V 2

If you have seen the film then you will have some appreciation of how desperate the struggle was for the BEF (British Expeditionary Force). It really was make or break for the British and French armies in those early stages of the war. The Battle for Dunkirk would work well in Conquest mode as you could incorporate large parts of the town and the beach along with the harbour to give you a huge playing area littered with different terrain. You could also have it as part of a Grand Operation with the Allies defending their exfiltration point from the Germans as they push towards the coast.

Plus, if you’re on the losing side you can have the Royal Navy or Kreigsmarine pitch up and bring their heaviest battleship to help even the odds. It would enable both teams to bring armour and air power into play and mean for a much greater need for coordination between all classes on the battlefield.


2. Battle for Arnhem Bridge

Battlefield V 2

I think that Arnhem Bridge would make a great location for a Rush multiplayer map as it would work on so many levels. The defending forces could fortify any high ground and the attacking forces would have armour support whereas the defenders would not. This may sound unfair but it would be in keeping with DICE’s quest to keep things historically accurate. The actual battle pitted the lightly armed British and Polish Paratroopers against heavily armed and heavily armoured SS troops.

I would like to see the defenders have the ability to request supply drops every so often and be able to move much more quickly round the map and if the key Rush points do not get taken then the defenders get extra tickets. The attackers would have access to Tanks, Armoured Vehicles and a higher ticket count. This doesn’t mean that the defenders would helpless against Tanks and other armoured vehicles. If Battlefield 1 has taught me anything it is that you are given more than enough equipment to take down pretty much anything clad in armour. This map location would also work very well as a Frontlines map. If you haven’t experienced it yet it’s like a tug of war but one team gets an artillery barrage every so often.


1. Operation Husky

Battlefield V 1

Unfortunately, Operation Husky is not about saving a sled dog; it was the name of the invasion of Sicily. This operation is not as widely regarded as the Normandy Landings but the invasion eventually led to the toppling of the Italian wartime leader Benito Mussolini and the allied invasion of Italy. Which in turn diverted German troops from the Western and Eastern front in order to deal with the Allied invasion.

This would make a great Domination map as it would span both the seaborne and airborne landings, plus the difference in terrain would make it harder for both defenders and attackers to coordinate sufficiently much like Cape Helles and just as enjoyable/frustrating.

Of course, these are just some ideas of locations that I would like to see in Battlefield V. There should be notable mentions for the campaign in North Africa, the Battle of Britain, the Siege of Leningrad, Kursk, Crete, Falaise Pocket, Liberation of Caen and the Russian invasion of Finland etc .

What locations would you like to play in? Are there any that you want Battlefield V to avoid at all costs? Let us know in the comments.

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