Battlefield 6 Reportedly A Cross-Gen Reboot With 128 Players

DICE are rolling the, well, dice.


Yesterday, a report emerged that suggested the upcoming Battlefield 6 will be a soft-reboot for the series that’s planned for release on both current and previous-gen consoles. The reports first emerged from leaker Tom Henderson, and have since been reported by VGC.


So What’s Going On With Battlefield 6?

According to the report from Tom Henderson, which uses information obtained from people aware of DICE’s plans, Battlefield 6 will be a soft reboot for the series that returns to the modern day setting. The last modern-day Battlefield game was the not-so-well received Battlefield Hardline.

Henderson has claimed in the past that BF6 would feature 128-player multiplayer, with maps designed for the increased player count, and he reiterates those claims in his recent report, but the most interesting news is that Battlefield 6 will be a cross-gen title.

Despite being hailed as a next-gen vision for Battlefield, the game will also launch on PS4 and Xbox One, likely with only 64 players instead of 128, along with decreased destruction elements compared to current-gen versions and PC.

If you’re concerned about the previous gen version limiting the current-gen release, Henderson says in his video that there should be nothing to worry about: “When it comes to Battlefield 6 releasing on last-gen consoles, I understand there’s going to be a lot of people a little bit annoyed within the community because it essentially means that the current-gen version is going to be limited in some aspects.”

He goes on to say: “However, I’ve been told that is simply not the case, and a completely different studio or a different part of [DICE] is working on the previous-gen version and it’s something that we simply should not be worried about.”


When Can We Expect Battlefield 6 To Launch?

EA CEO Andrew Wilson already confirmed in an earnings call back in November that we should expect to see Battlefield 6 launch during Christmas 2021, but the game hasn’t formally been revealed as of yet. Hopefully, we’ll see the game in action soon enough.

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