Baron Corbin Favourite To Become Next WWE Champion

Would you like to see Baron Corbin as WWE Champion?


One of the best things about Smackdown Live right now is that nobody really knows what’s going to happen next. The playing field is wide open, helped in no small part by the Unhindered Jinder becoming the new number one contender for the WWE Championship.

He isn’t alone, though – there are many wrestlers vying to get to the top of the pile and overthrow Randy Orton and it’s arguable that the competition is almost as densely packed as on RAW. According to BetWrestling, however, there’s one guy who will reach the summit before anyone else.

Baron Corbin is the current favourite to become the next WWE Champion.

Here are the odds in full:


Baron Corbin +100
AJ Styles +200
Kevin Owens +200
Shinsuke Nakamura +350
Jinder Mahal +500
Sami Zayn +500
John Cena +1000
Dolph Ziggler +1500
Rusev +1500
CM Punk +2500
The Rock +3300

Really short odds, so someone over there must be in the know. There are a few more obvious selections just behind Corbin, but you have to laugh at CM Punk being more likely to claim the gold than The Rock.

Baron Corbin has been a revelation on Smackdown Live excelling in all departments, though you have to ask if he should hold another belt first. Perhaps it’s too soon, but we will have to wait and see.

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