Bandai Namco Announce New Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom DLC

Tale of a Timeless Tome will be out in March for PC and PS4.

Ni no Kuni II
Ni no Kuni II

An official release date for Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom’s next DLC has been announced by Bandai Namco. The newest expansion, Tale of a Timeless Tome, will be available for purchase on PlayStation 4 and PC on March 19, marking almost exactly a year from the game’s initial release back in 2018.

Tale of a Timeless Tome will pick up from where Evan’s adventures left off in the previous major DLC, The Lair of the Lost Lord. After hearing rumours that the residents of Goldpaw Inn have been receiving strange dreams, Evan and company decide to investigate. In doing so, they themselves fall into a dream of their own where they encounter the Conductor, an uncanny, human-like rabbit with a rather dapper fashion sense.

Those who have played the first Ni No Kuni will recognise this mysterious character as the one who tasks you with taking on what was arguably the game’s toughest bosses. While his exact role in Revenant Kingdom is unspecified, it’s safe to assume his reappearance indicates that the biggest combat challenges are still yet to come.

With the promise of even more story content, Bandai Namco has also hinted at the continued backstories of Evan and his companions, teasing the reappearance of a lost and beloved friend and alluding to a long-awaited wedding between two familiar characters. With little more than snippets of cutscene images and rhetorical questions, we can only wait in the hope that the additional chunk of plot will tie the remaining loose ends left by the main title.

Obviously, Revenant Kingdom’s upcoming DLC will offer more than just story. Level-5 has made it known that the Solosseum Slog will be a new available location in the overworld. Fans of the franchise will remember the Solosseum from Wrath of the White Witch as the array of ‘tests’ that protagonist Oliver must solve and overcome. In Revenant Kingdom, it seems the new Solosseum will instead be entirely battle-focused, requiring players to take on increasingly tougher enemies while they reap epic rewards that will aid them in their next fight.

What, then, can we expect from the new features of combat? According to Bandai Namco, there will be two major additions to the gameplay; the Wizard’s Companion and ‘Martha’s Method’. The first is yet another delightful homage to the original Ni No Kuni, referencing the 340-page compendium with a brand new use in Revenant Kingdom that is so far unknown. The latter is likely so-named after the lovable Aunt Martha and may potentially utilise her faithful fascination with higgeldies to increase their power and performance during battles. Regardless of what exactly these two features will bring to the table, they certainly provoke a lot of intriguing ideas about their incorporation into an already solid battle system.

With the little that is currently known about this new DLC package, there’s still no doubt that we have plenty to look forward to in this expansion. However, whether or not the additional chunk of story and features will ultimately conclude what is suspected to be the final chapter of Evan’s story, you can bet it’s still one that I’m looking forward to experiencing.

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