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Assassination Classroom is a sci-fi comedy anime adapted from the manga illustrated and written by Yusei Matsui. Shortly after the moon is destroyed, an octopus-like being is brought to class 3-E, claiming that in a year, the earth will be destroyed. The government offer a ¥10 billion reward if they can kill the being who they now call Koro-sensei. The story follows the exploits of class 3-E and Koro-sensei, as he teaches them standard school subjects, as well as assassination methods to kill him. As Assassination Classroom continues, class 3-E become closer with their teacher, and learn more about the secrets surrounding his existence.

Assassination Classroom was a very popular anime when it first came out in 2015. A nice blend of comedic moments mixed with genuine heartfelt moments. By the end of Assassination Classroom: Season 2, the show had left everyone who had followed the storywith a broken heart and tears in their eyes. Since the first two seasons covered the whole of the manga plotline, it’s extremely unlikely that an Assassination Classroom: Season 3 will be coming out.


When Is Assassination Classroom: Season 3 Being Released?

Unless there is a spin-off or a reboot, it is extremely unlikely that there will be an Assassination Classroom: Season 3. The first two seasons essentially covered the main story of the manga, and class 3-E completed their mission of killing Koro-sensei, but were left distraught after learning what he is.


What Is Assassination Classroom: Season 3 About?

Though the main story of Assassination Classroom is over and done with, there is some potential for a spin-off. Nagisa Shiota, the narrator and main protagonist of the anime, is inspired by the teachings of Koro-sensei and becomes a teacher himself. Perhaps it could follow a slice-of-life format since the class he teaches are unruly, and he jokes to the leader of class 3-5 that he has until they graduate to try and kill him. However, this might feel like retreading old ground.

Alternatively, Assassination Classroom: Season 3 could focus on Koro Sensei quest. Written by Kizuku Watanabe and illustrated by Jo Aoto, this manga features the main cast in an RPG setting where the characters are training to be heroes, while still maintaining the original objective of killing Koro-sensei.


Which Studio Is Making Assassination Classroom: Season 3?

Assassination Classroom was animated by studio Lerche, licensed by Crunchyroll in the West, and Muse Communication in South Asia. While it’s likely that anything under the Assassination Classroom brand will continue to be licensed by the latter companies, the studio which could be animating a potential sequel will almost certainly be different.


Where Will Assassination Classroom: Season 3 Be Aired?

Unlike very many other animes whose future is left uncertain, the story of Assassination Classroom is finished, so you don’t have to wait around to see what comes next. Both seasons of Assassination Classroom are available to stream on Crunchyroll and Funimation, or to download on Apple TV.

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