Ash Revealed As Next Apex Legends Hero, More Details Later This Week

No longer an overseer, finally a competitor.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends developers Respawn Entertainment love to just surprise its player base with new character reveals and lore whenever they get the inkling, and today they chose to do just that. In a new Stories From The Outlands trailer, it was revealed that Ash will be the next playable character in Apex Legends. You can check out the trailer at the top of the page.


Who Is Apex Legends’ Ash?

Ash will be immediately familiar to Apex Legends fans as she’s the android who runs the Arenas games, compelling the Legends to do battle in smaller skirmishes. Arenas has been around since season 9, so she’s been a constant within the game for month, but now she finally has a chance to shine as her own character.

Before that, Ash was featured in Titanfall 2 as one of the many baddies that Cooper and BT have to overcome during the game’s events. Ash seemingly died after her battle with the main characters, but as a Simulacrum, with a human mind inside of a robot’s body, Ash was able to be rebuilt between the events of the two games. Now, she’s out for blood.


When Will We Find Out More About Apex Legends’ Ash?

Respawn have confirmed that we’ll hear more about Ash’s story and abilities in a trailer for Season 11 of Apex Legends, titled Escape. The new season will also include the CAR SMG, another Titanfall relic that’s being brought back. However, the official website also teases that some changes will be coming to the game’s maps: “No matter how beautiful it seems, every corner of the Outlands is a dangerous place. You’d be wise to remember that.”

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