Amnesia: The Dark Descent Out Today As Open Source

Time to play around with the game's guts.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Developers Frictional Games have announced that, in celebration of the game’s tenth anniversary, Amnesia: The Dark Descent will be available as Open Source, meaning developers can utilise the game’s code to create their own games.

The Open Source code that’s being given to the public includes the base game and the expansion, A Machine For Pigs, with both games becoming available via GPL v3 later on today.

In a press release regarding the announcement, Thomas Grip, creative director at Frictional Games, had this to say: “Modding has been a huge part of Amnesia. For instance, over the years The Dark Descent has accumulated over a thousand mods and addons on ModDB. This flood of user content has been amazing to see, and we are extremely grateful for the whole community. It is time we give something back!”

While the games will be going open source, The Dark Descent will still be available to purchase through online stores, with the game and content still owned by Frictional Games. Users can simply use the code however they say fit, so long as they comply with the GPL 3 license anyway. Still, it’s a brilliant move by Frictional, and one that might lead to more influential indie horror titles like Amnesia.

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