AJ Lee Refused WWE Bipolar Storyline And Was Punished For It

AJ Lee

Former WWE Divas Champion turned published author AJ Lee has recently spoken out about a period in 2012 where she felt like she was punished for not agreeing to a storyline.

The author of Crazy Is My Superpower -the retired wrestler’s memoir- was asked to participate in a storyline that would make light of bipolar disorder, something which she and her mother both suffer from. She was due to “take part in a series of goofy skits in which her character hallucinated, kissed a leprechaun and danced with dinosaurs from outer space.” As you might expect, she wasn’t too keen on the dumb idea.

Speaking to The New York Post, Lee believes that her refusal to do the skits resulted in her being taken off of WWE TV for two months:

“It was a joke, but, to me, it wasn’t something to laugh at. It’s hard to not think you’re alone in the world so it’s good to connect with other people who’ve faced the same issues.”

AJ Lee won ten titles during her time with WWE and is now an advocate for mental health awareness with the National Alliance on Mental Illness group.

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