Agony Auntie Peatree Bojangles On Your Arse

Agony Auntie Peaatre Bojangles

Dear Aunty Peatree Bojangles, a woman said I had nice ass the other day but when I asked my gay friend about it he said that whilst my ass wasn’t hideous, there was nothing special about it. If I sent you a picture of my butt would you be the deciding vote? 

My dear, you and your arse are about to become internet famous. Also, ‘arse’, I’m not making this a fight between the English language and Americans, but I will if I have to.

I want to know what was occurring at the time this woman commented on your buttocks. Were you parading them in tight denim shorts, occasionally bending over and slipping an occasional ball? Were you then glaring at her, waiting to hear a compliment at your display efforts? Did you then approach her and scream ‘WeLL? IS It? IS It FUCKING NICE?!’

I’m not saying you forced her into anything, but it’s just an observation from the scenario I created.

Say, this didn’t happen (which is unlikely), say a woman actually told you, unprovoked that you had a great arse, maybe that person has an opinion on your butt, that isn’t a universally accepted belief, because welcome to life.

Either way, send me a photo of your arse, because my word is that of God.

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