Abbey Games’ Godhood Might Not Make A Believer Of You Just Yet

This new religion might struggle to convert the cynical.

Could you spare a moment for our lord and saviour (insert name here)?

Like many readers, one of my dreams as a child was starting my own religion. Sadly, we can’t all be like Fred Phelps and start a religion to spew our skewed view of the world in real life. But with a little help from developer Abbey Games, we are able to live out our divine fantasies in the shape of Godhood.

Godhood is a new — quite literal — god-game that sees you founding a tribe based on a religion of your creation. Name your religion and name your god; Godhood gives you the freedom to choose absolutely anything. Then choose a commandment to start you off, with the options war, peace, lust and chastity being your opening options. Opting for certain commandments will prevent you from taking others on, so you can’t end up promoting lust and chastity, or war and peace.

Godhood is a game all about spreading your influence and growing your religion. To grow your religion, you’ll need some converts. You can select other villages to go to and perform a sacrament on, which run like turn based fights against those already in said village. In between fights, expect to find yourself using offerings to build structures, and performing rituals to build your faith.

You can choose from a number of missionaries to go into battle with, and each missionary has different skills to help then in the fight to win over the village. The defending village also have their own ‘team’ who defend the village from conversion. Each team has hit points and each attack takes points off the opposing team. If you can deplete your opponents’ points before they do yours, you’ll gain new disciples in your church.

Godhood 1

One you’ve taken over your island, others will open up, allowing your religion to reach further. However, spreading your religion is only part of this game as there are also city building elements. Improving your camp will allow you to add temples, prayer sites, storyteller circles, and so on. Rituals can also be performed to improve the faith of your followers.

Godhood retains the art style that is common in many of Abbey Games’ previous games. Both Reus and Renowned Explorers have a cute, cartoon style and Godhood is no different. This is blended with art design that seems to be based on pre-Colombian civilization, especially when it comes to the design of the architecture, clothing and music.

Godhood has only just entered early access, so I’m certain there’s lots of features that haven’t been implemented yet, but as a concept, it’s really interesting. At the moment, its fights feel a little empty and I’d like to see more interactivity in general; its building aspect also appears a little underdeveloped at the moment, too. That being said, Godhood certainly has something and it is definitely one to keep on your wishlists and see how it develops.

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