5 Dream Matches for Jon Moxley

Now that he's been let loose, who should Moxley face?

Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley is returning to the independent circuit and Dean Ambrose is no more. Last week’s vignette of ‘Mox’ absolutely blew up the Wrestling fandom, with many indie stars putting their name forward for a future match with the former WWE Champion.

The promo video in question has been analysed to death, with many theories pointing towards a slightly more professional company potentially funding the production, but with Moxley’s years of WWE pay grade, it wouldn’t surprise me if he had the cash to put it together himself. I would hazard a bet to say that we’ll be seeing Mox appearing in various indies across the globe by the summer, once his obligatory hiatus comes to an end.

What this of course means is a ton of new dream matches for Moxley, with an entirely new landscape that has formed since he left the indies in the late 2000s.

We’ve put together a list of five dream opponents for Jon Moxley for his huge comeback run, whether that be as part of a local indie show out of a community centre or a certain budding brand of all elite superstars.


1. Jimmy Havoc

Jimmy Havoc
Source: Progress Wrestling

We all know and love the absolute gore-fests that Jon Moxley threw himself into as part of CZW. Moxley would put his body through hell and keep fighting; it was his USP that caused many to fall in love with the guy. Unfortunately, WWE couldn’t really tap into that side of his character, what with them being a fortress of PG content, but now that he’s back in the indies, who knows what he’ll do to himself.

With that in mind, who else is better suited to bring out the best from Moxley’s dark side than the King of the Deathmatch, Jimmy F’N Havoc?

Havoc is of course AEW bound, competing in his final match for Progress Wrestling this past weekend at Super Strong Style 16. A smart move for Cody would be to book Havoc into a bloody deathmatch against Moxley as soon as possible. It’s the match that every independent wrestling fan wants to see, one that I’m sure Jimmy wouldn’t mind losing a few pints of blood over too.

Getting to see these two go at it wielding barbed-wire weapons and doing all sorts of crazy, violent things to each other in the name of fantasy wrestling would be a dream come true.


2. PAC

Source: WWE

The theme between these two guys is that both have left WWE on their own terms. Moxley and PAC have both made triumphant returns to the independents in spite of their mainstream personas. Seeing them put on an instant classic against one another would be the final feather in their caps, sticking it to Vince McMahon and the powers that be one last time as they continue their venture elsewhere.

Not only that, but I’m sure Moxley and PAC would make for a really interesting match-up. They have two very opposing styles that would naturally make for some fun graps. This could be a main event on any show, as both a match that never took place in WWE but also as a fantasy for fans of indie lore.

With PAC appearing for pretty much every brand under the sun, it would be strange if their paths didn’t cross eventually.


3. David Starr

*Insert one of many nicknames here* has taken the independent scene by storm, becoming one of the most sought after names outside of NXT. Starr has so much diversity to his wrestling that he could have a classic with almost anyone, which makes him the ideal candidate for a match with Jon Moxley.

Known to few, David Starr has a penchant for deathmatch wrestling, putting on some excellent gore-fests in the past with the likes of Joey Janela and Dave Crist. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that David Starr is possibly the best deathmatch wrestler in the world today, outside of maybe Jimmy Havoc and Mick Foley, if he ever chose to get back in the ring. Naturally, I’d love to see him tear it up with Moxley around a bunch of hardcore-loving wrestling fans.

Mark my words, David Starr will soon be headlining every indie show imaginable. Perhaps we’ll get to see one of those against Jon Moxley before he ruins his body with barbed wire.


4. Pentagon Jr.

Penta and his Lucha brother Fenix have become two of the biggest draws in independent wrestling. The former Lucha Underground stars are officially tied down to AEW, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t get to see Penta appear elsewhere for certain dream matches against Lunatic Fringes.

Pentagon Jr. matches Moxley’s edge-lord nature, becoming a well-rounded sadistic competitor in the ring who has a tendency to hurt people with a chair or ten. Again, an ideal opponent for Moxley, who is all about that violence and gore.

Getting to see a former WWE flag-bearer take on this budding luchadore would be a massive dream match, keeping Penta on that pedestal while getting an incredible match out of Jon Moxley. This match would guarantee to be cringe-inducing and a hell of a lot of fun.


5. Sami Callihan

One of the faces of Impact Wrestling, OvE leader Sami Callihan is another to add to the list of guys that we wouldn’t mind seeing Moxley almost kill himself against.

The Draw is a natural heat magnet that can always be relied upon for a heated feud that breaks the realms of kayfabe. Picturing him and Moxley exchange words and chair shots would be somewhat of a then vs. now confrontation. There’s a lot of pre-WWE Moxley that can be seen in Sami Callihan.

I can’t help but feel like this match would be a little too big for Impact Wrestling, but luckily Callihan can appear wherever he pleases, so if CZW wouldn’t mind snapping these two up for a deathmatch or two that’d be great.

Callihan also has that former WWE star factor that could make for an interesting clash. We’ll have to see if an encounter between the Lunatic and The Draw comes to pass.

Who would be your dream opponent for Jon Moxley? Have we missed anyone off our list? Let us know in the comments below.

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