20 Best Alternative Love Songs for Valentine’s Day

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It comes around quicker every year (most likely because as you grow older a year seems more and more insignificant in comparison to the time you’ve already lived so far, as you edge ever closer to death); Valentine’s Day. It’s that day of the year when you’re supposed to go balls to the wall or boobs to the tube with romantic gestures.

Whether it be for your loved one or the object of your desires, it’s time go out all guns blazing, but I’d suggest you refrain from referring to or viewing them as an object. They’re a person, you monster!

Anyway, whatever your plans might be this Valentine’s Day, you’re of course going to need the perfect soundtrack to accompany it. However, you might have had it up to a-really-high-part-of-your-body with all the traditional love songs, the big schmaltzy hits you hear time and time again, the tunes you could use as a substitute topping for a margherita pizza and be none the wiser for it.

Which is precisely why we here at Cultured Vultures are offering up a list of alternative love songs for you to express those feelings you just can’t put down in words. A collection of love songs from genres not often associated with, well, love songs. A selection of love songs that don’t approach love songs in the traditional manner. A confection of love songs that do not appear on the radar of radio love song playlists.

It should also be noted that in steering clear of the classics, we’ve made the controversial decision to not include even classic alternative love songs, because let’s face it ‘Everlong’ is a traditional wedding song, every indie kid’s mixtape for their sweetheart comes with ‘There is a Light That Will Never Go Out’ by default, and as much as this pains me, even the love song to end all love songs, ‘Lovesong’ by The Cure, is a classic alternative staple now, and I can’t include it.


Anyway, let’s do this, in no particular order Cultured Vultures alternative love song playlist. Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all.

1. Alkaline Trio – Clavicle

Landing on Alkaline Trio’s debut album, ‘Clavicle’ finds pop-punk’s goths in residence entirely absent of their more morbid tendencies. Instead this two and a half minute blast is pure, youthful exuberance, as Matt Skiba sings of the euphoric afterglow that special someone for the first time. Simultaneously lusty and sweet, the chorus professes Skiba’s want to ‘wake up naked next to you, kissing the curve in your clavicle’.


2. Say Anything – Alive with the Glory of Love

‘When I watch you, wanna do you, right where you’re standing’, might get the song off to a sexually charged start, but this is a romantic song through and through. Something that becomes more apparent as the song’s tale of two lovers caught up in the holocaust (inspired by singer Max Bemis’s own holocaust surviving grandparents), bursts with the kind of uplifting love will conquer all ‘glory’ that’s positively life-affirming.


3. Daft Punk – Something About Us

In the unlikely event of my getting married, I once stated I’d want this to be my first dance, and I still stand by that remark. Daft Punk’s disco ballad is subtlety and simplicity at its finest; quietly subdued funk bass, a steady percussive groove carry, sparse and emotive synths and guitar, that allow earnest lyrical declarations of love to remain wholly sincere. It’s a slowjam, but of the most romantic nature.


4. Queens of the Stone Age – Make It Wit Chu

Perhaps the sexiest song in existence, but then, there ain’t much sexier than love. ‘Make It Wit Chu’ finds Queens of the Stone Age taking their foot off the gas and pulling over to get a good fire going and watch the desert sun set. Never one’s to shy away from their more carnal nature, ‘Make It Wit Chu’ is still their most straightforward and tender expression of it. What’s a little lust when making love?


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