10 Best Trailers at E3 2016

trailer for Resident Evil 7

With E3 2016 done and dusted, it’s time for us to all endlessly speculate about what went down, the new games we saw, and what the shit Hideo Kojima is smoking and if it’s easily available.

E3 has always been a complete hype machine, often showing off the best aspects of games and driving up the attention while making us wait for the (inevitably not quite as good) finished product. Check out the video above for our rundown of the best trailers at E3 2016.

10. Gears of War 4
Was it particularly captivating? Not really. So why is it on this list? For THAT reveal.

9. Days Gone
Okay, so we messed up. The gameplay trailer for Days Gone should be here instead. This one is still damn effective, though.

8. Prey
The trailer for the new Prey just creates a BILLION questions, which is what any suspenseful trailer worth its Hitchcock should do.

7. Dishonored 2
Looks pretty, plays pretty, sounds pretty. We’re pretty hyped for Dishonored 2.

6. Dead Rising 4

Okay, so the fact that it’s a timed exclusive is pretty annoying, but let’s not let that take anything away from how damn jolly this Dead Rising 4 trailer is.

5. The Last Guardian
Prepare the tears, The Last Guardian looks beautiful, and it’s out THIS. YEAR.

4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
We thought about not including this because Nintendo were just going to Content ID our asses (and they did), but there’s no way we could leave it out.

3. God of War
Despite what our video tells you (blame a short attention span), number three is God of War, not Resi 7. BOY.

2. Resident Evil 7
Controversial but no doubt effective, the trailer for Resident Evil 7 accomplished something difficult: getting people interested in the series again.

1. Death Stranding
Crabs. Norman. Baby. Ink. Whales. Kojima. Enough said.

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