10 Best Games of 2015

10 Best Games of 2015

7. Until Dawn

Until Dawn
Image source: PlayStation

One of the most marmite games of the year, you either really love or really hate Until Dawn. Its detractors have issues with the QTE aspects of it, but personally, I adored how it was a narrative-driven horror game unlike one we have ever seen before.

The motion capture allows its characters to be eerily realistic, making it that much easier to invest in the cast of walking cliches, which isn’t a criticism, it’s just the way modern horror is. Until Dawn sticks to familiar horror tropes to create more of an experience than an outright video game and one that the self-loving David Cage could only dream of making.


6. Dying Light

Dying Light
Image source: Forbes

You have to feel sorry for Dying Light. Released in January, plenty of great games have come after it, meaning that it’s not really found much love on these end of year lists. However, it deserves any acclaim it gets as it takes a tired formula for zombie games, adds in some flips, and puts down a marker for others to try and match.

Blending fluid parkour and satisfying combat, Dying Light is a challenge for all 15 hours of its campaign length. There’s a real sense of progression as you navigate your way around Harran, dropkicking as you go, making every decapitation of an infected feel that much more satisfying (in a non-weird way). Couple that with fantastic support from the developers and you have yourself a very worthy game of 2015.


5. Rocket League

Rocket League
Image source: Kotaku

Undoubtedly the surprise hit of 2015, Rocket League came out of absolutely nowhere to cement itself as one of the year’s most obsessively shared and played games of the year. When you can take control of an RC car during what is basically a high-octane game of football, you know you’re onto a winner.

Online matches are intense, pitting you against other teams or in one-on-ones to see who can maneuver their way around the pitch in the most ridiculous fashion. Heart-stopping goalline clearances, impossible shots on goal and near misses make Rocket League one of the best games of the year to play with friends, if not of all-time.


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