Here Is What Will Happen On September 23rd 2015

End of the world
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It is thought that apocalypse theories have been around since before the Roman era. The world as we know it coming to an end can be found referenced in all major religions. Apocalyptic literature, films and video games always manage to attract a cult following (especially if zombies are involved). To some extent, they are correct.

Should we not be hit by a giant asteroid, wiped out by nuclear warfare, climate change and scarcity of resources, or left behind as punishment for not devoting ourselves to the correct deity, astronomy tells us that eventually the sun will engulf us (although not any time soon).

For some people known as ‘preppers’, this is something that they will spend their lives preparing for – stocking up on food supplies and protective clothing, training in combat and advanced survival strategies. For others, it’s a strangely fascinating phenomenon which may even provide some hope. Going out with a bang rather than a brutal or bed-ridden demise is attractive to many, especially if there is nobody left to mourn (or celebrate?) your passing.

The idea that the earth will be blown apart by a giant asteroid on the coming 23rd September allows us to believe, however briefly that we could soon be freed from our mundane lives, that life is more chaotic than just a well-oiled machine where we put in all the work in the hope that sufficient funds will slide out.

What will really happen on September 23rd? Here are some things we can be fairly certain of:

WASHINGTON, D.C.: The Pope will perform an afternoon mass after meeting Obama and parading around in his ‘Pope mobile’.
MAUI, HAWAII: The film Pixels will be aired at Maui Megaplex cinema. That ought to be tragic, for sure.
SIMA KADE, SOUTH AFRICA: SkyFest will begin. People will do yoga and celebrate their spring equinox.
MILLVILLE, NEW JERSEY: It’s ‘Art and Wine Night’ at Southwind Vineyard. I like your style, Millville!
HURGHADA, EGYPT: Eid El-Adha celebrations will take place at Soma Bay beach.
MANCHESTER, ENGLAND: James Bay will be performing at the O2 Apollo.
BOGOTA, COLOMBIA: Cat Mojo at the Jorge Eliecer Gaitan theatre. Learn the innermost workings of the mind of a cat. I feel like many people would be gutted to miss that.
SITGES, SPAIN: You’d be forgiven for thinking the world was ending here as the deafening Santa Tecla festival takes place with drums, fireworks and streets packed with people.
TOKYO, JAPAN: Autumn equinox celebrations. I predict a swift rise in rates of sake consumption.
GLOUCESTER, ENGLAND: Scotland will face Japan in the Rugby World Cup. More sake, anyone?

What will not happen on September 23rd?

The apocalypse. Sorry.

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