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Wayne Rooney Meets X-Men: Apocalypse in This Cringeworthy Advert

Apparently Wayne Rooney has the sort of face that can make you buy stuff because he just keeps popping up in adverts, looking slightly confused as someone shines a laser pointer at a cue card. This time round, he’s featuring in a cringeworthy advert with the cast of X-Men: Apocalypse.

I don’t even know where to start. The voice dubbing of the actors, who clearly have less than even half an arse to give, isn’t very discreet. Comparing Manchester United players to mutants wasn’t really thought out (Fellaini is definitely one, though) at all and the humour is so cheesy that that one out of Blur could make a special recipe from it. Worst of all, Rooney’s acting. I will give him props, he’s improved, but I can almost guarantee he had to do several dozen retakes – where are his eyes looking? WHERE?!

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