Want John Romero’s Original DOOM 2 Floppy Disks? It’ll Cost You

These are going for thousands of dollars right now.

If you are missing insanely expensive floppy disks for old games in your life, John Romero has just the thing for you: the original floppy disks for DOOM 2.

These will make your bank balance his bitch, though: the bidding currently sits at $3,050.00 for them on eBay.

Romero, who founded Id Software and masterminded DOOM and Quake, is auctioning off a bunch of original DOOM 2 floppy disks, which are all the launch versions of the game. There’s nothing else to them; just a selection of disks without cases or anything.

That being said, Romero will be signing the disks for the winning bidder.

So, there you go. Swoop in and neglect to pay your mortgage for a couple of months and you could be lucky enough to own a bit of gaming history. Better make it quick: the auction ends in a few hours as of this writing.

Source Euroganer


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