Two Point Campus: How To Make Money

Finance Report
Finance Report

Though Two Point Campus’ gameplay is about keeping students happy and seeing them succeed in their studies, your main interest is to earn money to keep expanding and optimizing your university. Money will be your main resource to respond to your students’ whims and requests and start up all-new funky courses.

There are two main ways to earn money: actively and passively. Here’s how you can earn money in Two Point Campus.


Actively Earn Money In Two Point Campus


Actively earning money involves you as the player performing some kind of action that’ll directly net you some money as a reward.

The first and easiest of these active ways is to take out a loan. You can take out a small, medium, or large loan and immediately use that money to expand your campus. However, the trade-off is that taking a loan will incur an interest payment every month and cut into your significant passive income until you pay back your loans. They can be a powerful stop-gap solution or if you know you’ll be earning tons of money in the short-term to be able to pay back your loan quickly.

Another active way to earn money is to simply sell rooms and items that you don’t need. In some scenarios, you start out with some pre-built yet dilapidated rooms, but there’s absolutely nothing holding you back from selling them off and rebuilding using the money you get from knocking down those rooms.

You’ll also occasionally be offered mini-quests and events that can net you some cash if you perform specific actions or fulfill some sort of condition. These usually don’t net too much money so don’t rely on these too much, but they can definitely be a nice bonus.

The final two active ways of getting more cash are to simply increase tuition costs, which will positively affect your passive income, and clickable secrets. You may notice throughout your playthroughs that in the outdoors areas of the campus, literal bookworms will pop up from the ground and if you click on them to catch them, they’ll net you some pocket change.


Passively Earn Money In Two Point Campus


The largest chunk of money that you’ll be getting throughout your playthrough is through passive means.

The simplest way to increase your passive income is to increase the number of student applicants you take on every year, as more students mean more money they’ll hand over to you for their education at the end of every month. You can also earn some passive pocket change by placing vending machines and kiosks across your campus, but just like clickable secrets, you definitely don’t want to rely on these as your main source of income, especially since it costs money to restock machines anyway.

Also related to students, you’ll receive significant cash bonuses for students learning and leveling up their knowledge in a particular course. So if you have awesome teachers helping your students study and successfully complete their assignments, you can get a lot of money from the experience cash bonus you get from successful students.

Finally, at the end of every academic year, your campus will earn a cash bonus for the number of achievements you garnered throughout the year. These achievements are typically related to how well you treat your students, the number of rooms you build, how much you train your staff, and a slew of others.

How will you build your campus to make it a money-making machine?

Two Point Campus is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, and Switch.

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