Is The Time Right For Wayne’s World 3?

Wayne's World

With the political landscape of the world seemingly descending into turmoil and general populations growing more and more disillusioned with the media, I feel the time is right for something extraordinary. Something big. Something mega. Something copious. Something capacious. Something cajunga! I am referring, of course, to WW3.

That’s right. Wayne’s World 3.

It has been 24 years since Wayne and Garth last graced the silver screen and with both stars Mike Myers and Dana Carvey having expressed interest in returning for a third and final installment of the franchise, now is the time to do it.

The plot of the third movie pretty much writes itself in this day and age.

Imagine, if you will, a middle-aged Wayne Campbell. He’s still married to Cassandra, maybe they have a kid or two. Is Wayne still doing his cable access show? Is Cassandra still playing bass in Crucial Taunt? No. Of course not. They’ve grown up. They’ve got “real” jobs. They’ve moved on and they’re basically happy.

Then one of Wayne’s kids comes to him with an iPad open to a YouTube video. It’s an old episode of Wayne’s World. Somebody has uploaded the old videos and they’re going viral. Soon the whole of Aurora is awash with nostalgia for the early 90s. Parents who have long since settled down and started families are breaking out their old albums and ripped jeans. The videos gain the attention of the local news stations, then the national news stations. Metal bands that disappeared in the late 80s start popping back up in the charts as a nostalgic trend sweeps the USA and it isn’t long before Wayne is getting phone calls about doing Wayne’s World one more time – on national TV.

Wayne gets in touch with his old friend, Garth. The two have fallen out of touch over the years but they quickly fall back into their old routine once they start hanging out and talking about the potential new show.

In my version of the story, it turns out that Garth has been working for a media company in Chicago and it was actually him who uploaded the old Wayne’s World videos because he missed his friend and wanted to find a way to go back to the way things were.

Wayne’s World 3 could be a film that speaks to those of us who, like Wayne and Garth, have had to make concessions in our lives as we gradually realised that a steady paycheque sometimes has to come before our dreams.

It could highlight the differences between the youth culture of the 90s and that of the 2000s, two generations so close in time but so massively separated by technological advancement.

Something as simple as Garth watching a Justin Bieber video with that trademark look of horrified puzzlement on his face could generate huge laughs.

There’s plenty of room for hilarious antics along the way as the film builds to its big climax of a nationally aired episode of Wayne’s World with musical guests and celebrity appearances.

With two decades worth of new SNL talent to draw upon as additional characters and maybe even a returning Del Preston (how great would that be?), this movie could be something very special indeed.

There are those who will say that it’s too late for a new Wayne’s World movie. That the franchise should just be left alone. But to those people I have but one thing to say: Asphinctersayswhat?

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