Stray: How To Sleep (Productive Day Trophy)


Sleeping in Stray isn’t a necessary mechanic for regenerating health or anything like that, but it is required for the Productive Day trophy, which asks you to make like a cat and sleep for a whole hour.

You can’t just sleep anywhere in Stray, however, as you have to instead press triangle when you are near some kind of bedding. Then, the cat will curl up and pur away, which you will also be able to hear through your DualSense.

The easiest place to sleep is in the Slums, as there are so many sleeping spots dotted around. There is one right next to Morusque, who will play music while you sleep next to him if you give him music sheets. You can also sleep next to the squabbling robots, next to the slumbering robot on the rooftops, and even inside some of the buildings.

Simply stay put for a cumulative hour and the Productive Day trophy will pop.

Stray is available on PC, PS5, and PS4.

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