Stealth Action Game ECHO Has A Sweet Main Menu

Eye see you.

Recently released on PS4 after coming to PC in September, Ultra Ultra’s ECHO is a stealth action game with one very alluring twist. Your enemy is you.

Based in the far flung future and set in a palace that constantly wants to ruin your day, the game regularly spawns (and then respawns) clones of you, who adapt to how you play the game. Want to use guns? Fine, but expect to get shot back. Want to sprint around? Alrighty, but don’t be surprised when your Echoes catch you in a second? Want to go through a door? Don’t even think about it.

Before the secrets of the palace and all of ECHO’s gameplay quirks become apparent, though, you will be greeted with a very neat main menu.

It’s great to fiddle around with it for a bit, watching En’s eye trace the different menu selections. Her pupil even changes based on the light, which is a very cool touch. There needs to be more little flourishes like this in menus, I think; Persona 5 certainly made pausing the game feel like a wacky adventure.

Compare those to menus to Shadow of War’s, which I booted up as soon as I was finished with ECHO and…yeah.

Shadow of War main menu

ECHO is available now for PS4 and PC. I gave it an 8/10 review, which you can check out a snippet of below:

“Still, the main appeal of ECHO lies in its captivating gameplay, which was more than enough to see me past any quibbles I might have had. Ultra Ultra have quietly released one of the most innovative games of 2017 and one that routinely surprises and delights – I can’t wait to see where they go from here.”

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