Star Wars: Battlefront Season Pass Now Free On Consoles

This isn't a Jedi Mind Trick; these are the deals you're looking for.

If you and your friends are looking for a decent multiplayer shooter to kill some time with this weekend, why not consider the curveball pick of Star Wars: Battlefront? The Season Pass is now free on PS4 and Xbox One as part of their respective digital deals.

The pass includes 16 multiplayer maps across 4 expansion packs, 8 new heroes and 4 new modes, along with exclusive weapons and emotes. Usually, the season pass retails for £19.99/$19.99, and 20 quids worth of content for free is nothing to turn your nose up at. Be aware though that Xbox Live Gold Membership, or PS+ Membership alternatively, is required to play the game.

Xbox players are probably the most fortunate with this deal. If you’re yet to own Star Wars: Battlefront, you can purchase the Ultimate Edition, which includes the base game and the season pass, for the super cheap price of £3.75/$4,50. EA Access members will find the base game already available in the Vault, so all you need to do is download the Season Pass and enjoy the action.

As far as marketing strategies go, this is likely one of the better ways to get people interested in the Star Wars: Battlefront sequel, which launches on the 17th November. If you’re looking to download the pass, follow this link to the Xbox Store and this link to the PlayStation Store. Whilst the Xbox deal will be live until Monday night, the PlayStation deal could be live for much longer. Either way, get it while you can.


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