The Shining Hotel is Looking for Funding to Become a Horror Museum

The Shining
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As a genre that has almost surely had its heyday, horror films always come with a sense of nostalgia. No matter which new film comes out, critics and fans will inevitably compare it to classics unfavourably and say: “they don’t make them like they used to”. The Shining is one of those classics that’s almost without equal, which is why the hotel that inspired the movie is looking to make itself a haven for genre fans everywhere.

The Stanley Hotel is looking for $24million in funding to turn itself into the ultimate tourist destination for those with a love for the macabre. It’s looking to make a 43000 square foot museum that will also include areas for film students to refine their craft. The State of Colorado could grant the development a total of $11.5million and then the owners will be looking at other forms of funding once successful.

The museum would include:

“Multiple indoor and outdoor entertainment venues, including a 500-seat auditorium; a 30,000-square-foot interactive museum and discovery center that would feature rotating exhibits; a 3,000 square-foot soundstage; classrooms and workshop spaces; and post-production and editing suites.”

The Stanley Hotel

Should the project be a success, The Stanley Hotel would build on its reputation within the horror community as it already hosts it own annual film festival. If it finds success, the hotel could be able to create a new legion of horror visionnaires, which might be just what the increasingly niche genre needs.

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