Saints Row: How To Increase Maximum Health

Staying healthy.

Saints Row
Saints Row

Saints Row lets players live out the ultimate fantasy of starting your own criminal empire, and using those resources to build an insurance fraud scam and throw yourself in front of traffic. It’s about establishing yourself from nothing and taking over a city for you and the Saints. Of course, taking over a city is going to put you in the crosshairs of rival gangs, so you need to make sure you’re strong enough to deal with those threats. With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about increasing your maximum health in Saints Row.

The player’s health is broken up into segments, and Saints Row starts with the player only having three portions of health, meaning you’re fairly susceptible to taking some serious damage. In order to increase your maximum health pool, you’ll need to earn enough XP to level up, as at specific levels, you’ll be given additional segments to your overall health. By the end of the game, you’ll be running around with six blocks of health, which isn’t exactly enough to make you immortal, but it’ll make you way more durable than at the start of the game.

Players can earn XP from performing pretty much any action in the game. Drifting, airtime, driving into oncoming traffic and other stunts of that nature rewards XP, along with kills. However, you’ll gain more significant XP from completing missions, challenges and ventures, along with the cash you need to unlock new weapons, upgrades and perk slots.

Recovering health is thankfully way easier than upgrading it. Players will have their health recover naturally after a fight, but while in combat, there’s two ways to recover your health. The main way is via takedowns, which are melee finishers that grant you some recovered health. Takedowns are on a cooldown timer which recovers faster if you earn kills, meaning the best way to stay topped up on health is by murdering everyone.

Another way to recover your lost health is via an equippable skill called “Transfusion”, which allows you to recover health simply by dealing damage. The health you recover isn’t enough to stop you from getting killed if you’re getting lit up like a Christmas tree by enemy fire, but it can definitely keep you topped up.

Saints Row is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X & S.

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