Rumour: Nintendo Switch Mini Could Still Be In The Works

Could be. Pinch of the old salt, people.

Nintendo Switch

The long rumoured Nintendo Switch Mini revision might not have appeared during E3 2019, but according to some new rumours that have been circulating, it might still exist. Buckle up for this one, and make sure you bring that trusty pinch of salt with you.

HonSon, a Chinese company that specialise in gaming accessories, have been sending out emails to various content creators stating that they will be selling various Nintendo Switch Mini accessories before the end of the year. While the email includes fan renders, the Twitter user who broke the news, CptnAlex, notes that it’d be weird for an accessories company to create products for a console they didn’t know existed.

While Alex notes that these accessories could be “for some kind of Switch Emulator that someone is illegally producing in China”, which isn’t outside of the realms of possibility when you consider how Soulja Boy has recently dabbled with consoles, Alex also points to a Chinese company who were present at E3, selling Switch accessories using a fake Switch Mini that looked exactly like those in the above renders. Nintendo America ambassador Ray Strazdas provided some photographic proof.

Again, this isn’t anything in the way of an official announcement from Nintendo, so don’t take this news as gospel until Doug Bowser takes a break from terrorising Mario and Luigi to confirm or deny the existence of the Switch Mini. What do you think? Would you like to see Nintendo release a Switch Mini? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: WCCFTech

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