Remnant 2: The Awakened King – How To Unlock The Ritualist Archetype

Remnant 2
Remnant 2

The One True King has finally awakened in the world of Remnant II, bringing with him a host of new weapons, gear options, and a brand new archetype, the Ritualist. Themed with the new zone added to Losomn, the Ritualist is the darkest class yet, designed around spreading negative status effects to your enemies and amplifying their damage with a cackling witch cry.

Your trigger finger is probably itching right now, so let’s slay some kings and jump right into how to score yourself the latest class in Remnant II: The Awakened King.


How To Unlock The Ritualist Archetype

Remnant 2
Remnant 2

When you start The Awakened King DLC, you’ll arrive in the Forlorn coast. Keep in mind that you can play the whole DLC in adventure mode, or if you play through the campaign, the DLC areas will filter through, so you might not have access to this area in your campaign playthrough. Simply reroll The Awakened King in adventure mode if this is the case. You’ll want to progress through until you reach the Forlorn Coast Docks, an area populated with boats and fishing huts.

Pay attention to the middle section of this area, where you’ll see a string of boats that all connect. The boats take you under the docks, and jumping from one to the next will eventually lead you to a secret cave.

Remnant 2
Remnant 2

At the end of the cave, you’ll find a witch using dark magic on a hog. Simply kill her, and behind her you’ll find—nailed to a post—the Ragged Poppet. This is the key item you’ll need to unlock the Ritualist class. Take this back to Wallace in Ward 13, pay a small fee of Lumenite crystals for the Cursed Effigy, and the class is yours.


The Ritualist Class Breakdown

Prime Perk: Vile – inflicts Infected when negative status effects are applied to your enemies. Infected victims received 15% more status effect damage, and on death, spreads all status effects to nearby enemies within a 22.5m range.

Archetype Trait: Affliction – Increases status effect duration against enemies by 100%.

Skill 1: Eruption – Creates a 1.5m explosion for 145 damage to all enemies within 22.5m. Explosion radius and damage increase to 100% for each unique status effect on the target. Refreshes all current status effects on the target.
Skill 2: Miasma – Unlockable at level 5, Miasma casts an AOE burst that applies Bleeding, Burning, Overloaded, and Corroded to all enemies within 22.5m. This deals 1450 base damage and lasts for 30 seconds.
Skill 3: Deathwish – Unlockable at level 10, negates all healing for themselves and drains 300% of their health over 20 seconds. Sounds rough so far, but the trade-off is your damage, for everything is increased by 35%, and 10% of that damage is granted as Lifesteal.

Each skill encourages a different playstyle. Eruption offers a low-cooldown double-use ability that can keep the pressure on and assumes you have your own way to dish out negative status effects, while Miasma gives you the power to unleash all status effects upon your enemies and cause absolute mayhem while doing so. Finally, Deathwish is all about high-risk high damage and is incredibly deadly in the right situation.

Perk 1: Wrath – Increases all damage to nearby enemies affected by a negative status effect by 20%. Additionally, Wrath increases all Critical Chance against enemies affected by negative status effects by 18%.
Perk 2: Terrify – Killing an entity applies Terrified to all nearby enemies. Terrified enemies deal 5% less damage and are more likely to drop ammunition upon death.
Perk 3: Dark Blood – Reduces damage received from negative status effects by 25% and reduces blight buildup by 50%.
Perk 4: Purge – When you use a relic, it cleanses all negative status effects applied to the player. Any effects cleansed by Purge will be distributed to enemies within 7.5m.

Remnant II’s DLC The Awakened King is available now on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X & S.

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