Red Dead Redemption Being Remastered for Current Platforms by Rockstar?

red dead redemption

Let’s face it: Red Dead Redemption (RDR) was one of the finest games ever made by Rockstar. It had everything and more including Zombies and long forays into Mexico. But if you’re a PC owner you will know the pain of never being able to play it on what would arguably be the best platform to experience all the harshness and beauty of the American West.

A rumour has surfaced and it might mean good news for those wanting to relive RDR in all its glory but don’t want to shell out for an Xbox One.

Tech/PC website eTeknix has brought us a very small glimmer of hope. According to rumours on a Korean game page and their sources, a remastered version of RDR is in the works and, more importantly, it will be for current gen consoles and PC owners.

Now, like many things on the internet you have to take this with a pinch of salt. Just because this one Korean gaming website is saying that RDR will be coming out remastered for PC and current gen doesn’t mean it will actually happen. However according to eTeknix “it’s being said that the official announcement only is two days away. The remastered game itself is then said to launch in the first half of 2017.”

Will we ever hear anything from Rockstar about these rumours? I highly doubt it, they are never one for confirming anything and look how long it took them to even admit that GTA V would be coming to PC. So it’s down to you and me to make of this what we can. I hope this is true as I have been hankering after from RDR for a while now that GTA V has lost its edge and since RDR2 or whatever it will be called is still at least six months away, this is the best thing we can hope for in the meantime.

So is there any truth to the rumour that RDR will be coming to PC and current gen screens soon? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t live in hope and pray that Rockstar do the decent thing and bring it out just in time for Christmas.

Would you want a remastered version for current gen consoles and for PC? Let us know in the comments below.

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