Looks Like Predator Is Fortnite: Season 5’s Secret Skin

Fair enough!


As is Fortnite tradition, every season brings with it a secret skin, a cosmetic outfit that players have to wait to unlock over the course of the season. The “secret” aspect of that has been somewhat thrown out of the window in recent seasons with Deadpool and Aquaman being advertised pretty far and wide, but Season 5’s secret skin has been kept under wraps. All signs point to Predator, though.

The first clue is that there’s a POI by the name of Stealthy Stronghold that is pretty much a jungle, which also houses a Predator easter egg. There’s a downed chopper in the POI, and Predator’s iconic roar can also be heard during an early teaser for the season. On top of that, Predator iconography can also be found on the doors of the previously mentioned downed chopper.

Here are all the hints to date compiled below.

The second big hint about Predator being the secret skin lies in an email sent from Epic to content creators in regards to Fortnite v15.20 and that the season’s secret skin “stalks closer”.

Something Stirs In The Jungle
The forest is moving… something’s out there! The Secret Battle Pass Outfit stalks closer, leaving behind clues in the Stealthy Stronghold about who they are and what they might be planning.

The final, much more obvious clue about Predator coming as the secret skin lies in the fact that a Spray and Banner was added during the course of v15.20, which are likely to accompany Predator challenges when they start getting released.

As for how you can unlock Predator as the secret skin, it looks like you will have to complete Predator challenges, based on the early glimpses we’ve seen so far. As with the likes of Aquaman, typically incredibly easy challenges will release over time with players unlocking the secret skin in roughly one month’s time with new challenges coming out weekly. You will have to own the Battle Pass to unlock the challenges, of course.

If you’re a little surprised to see a skin from an R-rated franchise appearing in Fortnite, the game does have prior. John Wick famously turned up to face the fake John Wick (don’t worry about it) in Season 9 of Chapter 1, so it’s not as farfetched as you think. It’s also in keeping with the theme of hunters for the season, though with Predator hardly being in the best shape of its life as an IP with commercial failure after commercial failure, maybe Fortnite could be the best thing for it?

What a strange timeline we live in.

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