Pokémon Sword and Shield: Where To Find The Cracked Pot

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Sinistea Polteageist Cracked pot

Pokémon Sword and Shield has plenty of new Pokémon, but two that everyone unanimously agree to die for are Sinistea and Polteageist, the latter evolving from the former after using a Cracked Pot. But where can you find the Cracked Pot in Pokémon Sword and Shield?

You will need to have made some pretty significant progress in your game before you can find the Cracked Pot as it is located in Stow-on-Side, which is where you will face Allister and his Ghost-type Pokémon. You will also need to have beaten him before you can get to Glimwood Tangle, which is where you can catch a wild Sinistea.

The Cracked Pot in Stow-on-Side can be found one of two ways. The first is much more simple. Simply climb up this ladder in Stow-on-Side and walk along the platform until you find the Cracked Pot.

Alternatively, there is a merchant in Stow-on-Side who rotationally sells the Cracked Pot, but it’s expensive and inadvisable when you can get one for free just up the road.

To use the Cracked Pot, simply select it from your inventory on your Sinistea and it will evolve into the Polteageist.


There are some small caveats with this evolution, though. The Cracked Pot may not work on your Sinistea if it is stamped, which is based on random chance. Head back into Glimwood Tangle and keep trying to find the right Sinistea; they are usually concealed in the tall grass. Glimwood Tangle has a pretty low density of Pokémon, so this may take you a fair while. Remember to whistle by clicking the left stick to grab the attention of Pokémon in the tall grass.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that Polteageist doesn’t collect many more moves once it’s evolved, so it may be an idea to grind your Sinistea up first rather than simply evolving it the first chance you get.

Polteageist is a purely Ghost-type Pokémon, which means that it is very strong against Psychic and Ghost while being immune to Normal and Fighting but weak against Dark and other Ghost-types.

Pokémon Sword and Shield are out now on Nintendo Switch.

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