Pokémon Go Lockdown: Daily Bonuses, Gifts & Shop Bundles

More changes to accommodate an escalating situation.

Pokémon Go

So, the UK is now in lockdown across the country for at least 3 weeks and possibly more, following the suit of many other countries. Niantic had already made some in-game changes to Pokémon Go that meant the Go Battle League offered rare Pokémon, and the Genesect Research was able to be completed from home. Adjusting to the ever changing situation in the world, the game will now have increased Daily Bonuses, changes to Gifts and rotating bundles in the shop.

Daily Bonuses – Normally with your first catch of the day, you get a chunk of Stardust and XP depending how far along your daily streak you are that week, with the amounts peaking at day 7. In order to make sure you still have a steady flow of Stardust and XP, Niantic has made your first catch of the day earn you triple of both of these things. So, you want to be aiming to catch at least one Pokémon every day to carry on your streak, and if you have the items, drop a Lucky Egg for extra double XP and a Star Piece for 50% extra Stardust.

Gifts – With people now limited as to when they can leave the house, Gifts will be a great way for most people to stock up on items. For those that are able to go out, you’ll be able to hold 20 gifts instead of the usual 10, meaning you have more to send out. For everyone else, you are able to open 30 a day, instead of the usual 20, and Gifts will also contain more Poké Balls for you to use on those all important catches.

Shop Bundles – Following on from the 1 coin Incense box that has been in the shop, Niantic has confirmed that new bundles, each costing 1 Pokécoin, will be available as a one time purchase. These bundles will change every week, and will always only cost 1 coin, so it is the perfect way to stock up on items you may be short of. Currently, the Incense box is still available, and is accompanied by a 1 coin box with 100 Poké Balls. These will be available until March 30th 8pm GMT (1pm PDT), when the next box should appear.

Remember to stay inside and stay safe. If you go on a walk for your daily exercise, there may be a Pokéstop on route. Don’t raid in big groups and don’t gather unnecessarily.

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