Nintendo World Championship Returning This October

It’s just a shame there will be no gold-plated NES carts this time.

Ninty’s famous competition that gamers are more likely to remember due to the eye-wateringly expensive gold-painted NES carts that are occasionally put up for auction on eBay is set to return this October.

The competition first took place in 1990 and had not been seen until it made its return at E3 2015.

“Imagine standing on the big stage, controller in hand. Everyone in the audience is cheering your name, and even more are watching live at home. After advancing through the tournament, you are about to start the finals. If you win this round, you will be named the Nintendo World Championships 2017 tournament winner. Your heart is beating. The competition begins…”

Unfortunately for international gamers, the competition will take place in the US. First as a preliminary round at eight Best Buy locations across the US. The victors will then move on to the World Championship tournament that will take place in Manhattan Center’s Grand Ballroom.

Unfortunately, there was no word on prizes in the info released by Nintendo, so here’s hoping they have a few of those gold cartridges lying around.



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