Meet Your Maker: Boosts Explained

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Meet Your Maker
Meet Your Maker

Meet Your Maker’s tagline of “Build. Raid. Upgrade.” isn’t just there for show, as there’s a lot of mechanics and systems in place for players looking to maximize the amount of materials they’re earning from either raiding the outposts of other players, or having players raid their outposts. One such mechanic that might not seem immediately obvious is boosts, which can radically alter how much you earn, and what information you receive before you enter an outpost.


What Are Boosts?

In Meet Your Maker, you have five advisors that govern different aspects of the game. You can buy upgrades from each advisor, but all five also have a boost which can offer various different effects and bonuses.

Here’s a breakdown of what boost each advisor offers.

Chrona (Weapons) – Spoils of War: Increases Parts drop rate (costs cells and synthite)
Elpida (Hardware) – Deathgarden: Increases GenMat earned in raiding (costs parts and synthite)
Metamorph (Guards) – Power & Glory: Increases Prestige earned at outposts (costs cells)
Prota (Traps) – Strip Mine: Increases Synthite drop rate (costs cells and parts)
Prosarmogi (Suits) – Watchman: Command Center displays intel of enemy outposts. (costs cells)

Each upgrade also has three levels which changes how potent the boost is. Spoils of War, Deathgarden, Power & Glory and Strip Mine all offer percentage bonuses which increase with each level, but Watchman’s boost is a bit more complicated.

At level 1, Watchman gives an approximate amount of guards and traps that you can encounter in an outpost. At level 2, Watchman gives the exact amount of guards and traps, and offers an approximate length that the harvester travels (which is the path a passive AI takes from spawn to GenMat to prove that the level can be completed). Finally, at level 3, you’ll be given exact numbers for both distance and defenses, along with information on the outpost’s the two most used defenses.


How To Upgrade Boosts

While what a boost is capable of in Meet Your Maker can’t be upgraded, the amount of time that the boost is active for can be. Considering boosts are only active for three minutes at level one, upgrading these boosts should be your first priority. Fortunately, doing so is easy, as all you need to do is level up your advisor, which is done by nabbing their corresponding GenMat. Each level up will increase the boost time by three minutes, so by level 10, you’re looking at 30 minutes per boost.

Meet Your Maker is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X & S.

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