Mass Effect Legendary Edition Launches May 14th For PC, PlayStation & Xbox

Consider my Mass Effect field generated, if you catch my meaning.

Mass Effect
Mass Effect

EA and BioWare have announced that the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which compiles all three games from the Shepard trilogy, along with all the DLC, into one package, will be available on May 14th for PC via Origin and Steam, PS4 and Xbox One, with targeted enhancements in the works for the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. Check out the trailer at the top of the page.


What’s So Special About The Legendary Edition?

Well, other than the fact it celebrates Mass Effect, perhaps one of the most iconic sci-fi RPGs of all time, the Legendary Edition compiles all three games together, with their wealth of additional content to boot. This Collection also introduces a host of improvements including updated character models, textures, lighting and more, all available in 4K Ultra HD with HDR support.


So It’s A Simple Remastered Collection, Then?

Sort of. The trilogy has been streamlined so that your choices and character will easily carry over across games. Even the character creator has been improved to accommodate for these streamlining changes, meaning there’s a unified creator that includes options from all three games so that you can use the same Shepard throughout. I think we all remember the difficulties from porting Shepard over between games and them not looking quite right, so this unification is welcomed.

On top of those changes, the first game in the series has undergone some massive changes too. According to the description on the YouTube trailer at the top of the page, the original Mass Effect will feature “improved aiming and weapons balance, SFX, input/controls, squad behavior, cover behavior, and gameplay cameras”. From comparison screenshots alone, Mass Effect Legendary Edition looks to be the definitive Mass Effect experience, and May 14th needs to hurry the hell up.

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