Is Marvel’s Wolverine Coming To PC and Xbox?


Marvel’s Wolverine is a heavily anticipated future release that’s being developed by Insomniac Games as a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

The Spider-Man games by Insomniac have been a massive success for the PS4 and PS5. If this trend means anything, Marvel’s Wolverine will be a huge hit when released for the PS5.

Marvel’s Wolverine was revealed during the PlayStation Showcase back in 2021. The game will be a standalone adventure with Wolverine as the main character. Players will go with Wolverine through a harrowing journey, most of which we know little about.

Since Marvel’s Wolverine is a PS5 exclusive, many Marvel fans may be wondering if the game will be released for PC or Xbox Series X & S. Unfortunately, this seems unlikely.


What to Expect from Marvel’s Wolverine

This independent journey features Wolverine and will consider the character’s roots while also adding some brand new aspects. According to the developers, Marvel’s Wolverine’s cutting-edge gameplay will combine with its emotional narrative to produce an epic game.

Beyond these vague promises, fans are left with no other knowledge about the game’s story until Insomniac Games or PlayStation decides to release more trailers or information. No hints at the gameplay have been disclosed yet. The reveal trailer was created with CGI and is super short.

There were a few Easter eggs in the trailer that fans have clung to, though. The bar Wolverine is seen sitting in is the Princess Bar, located in the fictional island of Madripoor. This could potentially be the setting for Marvel’s Wolverine.

There is also a license plate viewers noticed displayed on the wall behind the bar that reads HLK 181. This issue of the comic series involves Wolverine fighting the Hulk, so maybe Marvel’s Wolverine will revolve around an epic Hulk vs. Wolverine fight as its plot.


Will Marvel’s Wolverine Be Released for PC and Xbox?

There is no set release window confirmed for Marvel’s Wolverine, let alone a release date. Fans should definitely not expect this game to be released until after Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s release in 2023.

Insomniac confirmed on Twitter that Marvel’s Wolverine would be a PS5 exclusive. It won’t even be released for the PS4.

This means it will not be coming to Xbox One or Xbox Series X & S either. Sony acquired Insomniac Games in 2019 and incorporated them into PlayStation Studios. This all but guarantees that future games from Insomniac will skip Microsoft consoles altogether.

The release of Marvel’s Wolverine to PC is a bit of a different situation. The game is currently only confirmed for the PlayStation 5, but Sony has recently made a large push towards PC gaming, especially after they bought Nixxes Software, which is a PC porting studio.

PlayStation titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn and the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection have been brought over to PC. So, while a PC launch for Marvel’s Wolverine is unconfirmed, it is possible, especially if Spider-Man 2 makes the jump over to PC.

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