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One of Code Vein’s greatest strengths has to be its character creator, a flexible tool that players can use to create the anime characters of their dreams. However, we here at Cultured Vultures have now become somewhat obsessed with the idea of pushing character creators to their breaking point to see what kind of abominations can crawl forth from the wreckage. Today is the turn of Code Vein, which sees you create your own Revenant right at the start of the game.

Before we even create the character, we need to christen this beast with a name befitting of its magnificence. Something that will strike fire into the hearts and minds of evil-doers everywhere. I think I nailed it.

Don’t ask me how Fartflinger is able to fling farts, just know that he is capable of it. Anyway, upon loading up the character creator, naming your character and picking a gender, Code Vein generously offers up a variety of preset characters with which to pilfer from. The majority of the presets run the gamut of goth twinks and edgelords, but there was something about this guy that gave me some much needed inspiration.

After fiddling with his skin colour to make him paler than WWE’s own Sheamus, my first real port of call was the hair style. Unfortunately, Fartflinger’s afro isn’t actually a default hair style, but rather a collection of accessories thrown together to resemble hair. Another solution was found, however, one that led to our abomination’s hair looking like some kind of strawberry flavoured snack.

With only preset face shapes, there’s not much to be done there to make Fartflinger more of a monster, so I moved on to the eyes, not before changing his facial expression to show permanent shock and disgust at the changes we’re making. Oh, sweet innocent Fartflinger, this will only get worse.

While Fartflinger’s eyes remained blocked by the sunglasses accessory, there’s something comforting/disturbing about knowing that behind those glasses are eyes of pure evil. We peeked behind those glasses, and it’s safe to say they’re there for our benefit, not Fartflinger’s.

Like face shape, eyebrows aren’t really game changing when making a monster, as you can’t edit their positioning in any way, so we move on to make up. Again, we can’t really see the eye shadow that Fartflinger is clearly rocking, but that blue lipstick is pretty sweet. Also, it wouldn’t be an anime character without some from of scar tissue, so I threw one on there for the hell of it.

If Fartflinger has a style, and that’s a big if, it’s clearly “garish rave” and what better why to showcase that than with two kiss shaped lip prints with digital camouflage colouring. Yes. That’s a thing you can do in this game.

All that was left now was to tinker with the accessories. Those glasses were good, but they could be improved just a little bit, while the heart driven through the chest was perfect. They stayed, but we added a small little hat on his head with a texture that looks like it hasn’t loaded.

With one final adjustment of the clothing to really sell this neon-soaked rave, Fartflinger was born. Maybe monster isn’t the right word for whatever this is. Perhaps “full-blown assault on the senses” is more accurate.

If you want to see Fartflinger in action, we have a video on the way that sees our bedazzled hero sauntering his way through Code Vein’s prologue. What games would you like to see us create monsters in next? Sound off in the comments below.

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