Why I Love Being in the Supernatural Fandom


Cultured Vultures spoilers

Before I get too deep into this, I suppose I should hold my hands up and admit that I am a newbie to the
fandom. I am that person who for years didn’t see the need to watch the show because I felt like I knew all of the funny episodes, plots, character names and quotes due to friends telling me about them in a bid to get me hooked.

I always knew it would be a show that I would enjoy but until recently, life and other television shows got in the way. I hate to admit it but now I am one of those fanatics that make up the SPN fandom.

For ten long years and ten long seasons (with the eleventh premiering in October 2015), the show has created a love for bromance (I’m not even going anywhere near the Wincest ship – look it up if you dare) a how-to guide for ridding a place of ghosts, a hatred of demons, a love for a certain angel, an introduction to monsters from different folklores, a rekindling of 1970s American rock music and a love for a certain 1967 Chevrolet Impala.

But why after so long is the show’s fandom still gaining new recruits? The reputation of the show precedes it but what gets people captivated by it? From my own personal experience, it’s everything that the fandom raves about. I hate to admit that they’re right to be so over the top about a show but the brotherly relationship between the Winchester boys, the overarching narratives, the demons, ghouls, monsters and the array of hilarious supporting characters give the show a soul that makes you want to keep watching.

Image source: blastr.com

I’m only up to season five of the show, which is the last part of the main overarching narrative that has occurred from season one. The show’s creator Eric Kripke had created a five part storyline which follows Sam and Dean reuniting to look for their missing father and seeking out the demon who killed their mother many years ago. Then the brothers have to deal with the loss of their father and Sam’s psychic abilities, the opening of the portal to Hell and Dean’s trade-off to save Sam. The next season covers the consequences of Dean’s deal where he has a year before he will be sent to Hell (which ultimately happens) and the penultimate season involves the resurrection of Dean and the introduction of the beloved angel Castiel. The final season of the storyline is a tense showdown between the Winchesters and Lucifer.

This all sounds like a very thorough storyline and one that should be self-contained, so why the need to continue the franchise? Ignoring the paychecks that come with a show with this much momentum, the show continued because the fans wanted it to. Unsatisfied with leaving the show with the departure of Kripke, the showrunner role was taken over by Sera Gamble and Jeremy Carver who have successfully continued for a further five seasons. I have heard mixed reviews of the following seasons but it hasn’t stopped them from being avid fans and keeping up with the latest episodes.

With social media and conventions, the fandom can get one step closer to the actors with official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts and Comic Con events. Not to mention the montage of funny and emotional clips on YouTube which will make you cry with laughter at the antics of the actors or cry because of the connection you have with the character.

I am eager to continue my journey into the realm of SPN because, as much as the storyline is the key, I want to immerse myself into the lives of these characters and I want to go on a dark journey where there’s heartbreak and danger but there’s also love and humour.

If you are like how I was: fed up of Supernatural being here, there and everywhere maybe it’s worth giving in and watching one episode? It didn’t do me any harm, I’m only sat in front of my laptop screen day in and day out re-watching my favourite episodes and searching “Supernatural Dean funny moments” on YouTube.

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