Kojima Reportedly In Talks With Xbox To Publish Next Game

Mr. Kojima!


The gaming industy seems to have collectively lost its mind over the past few month, particularly with regards to Xbox. First, they managed to acquire Bethesda, and then they secured a deal to bring former PlayStation exclusive MLB The Show to Xbox, and to Game Pass no less. Now, it seems like they’re trying to ink a deal with Kojima Productions regarding publisher their next game.


How Did This Come About?

The report comes from GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb, who’s accurately leaked and reported on gaming industry news before. Jeff was writing about the recently announced PS5 exclusive horror game Abandoned, which some have tried to guess is a secret Hideo Kojima game. This is due to the developer’s lack of history and dead website, leading some to believe that Blue Box Games is some kind of shell company for the Japanese developer. It sounds far-fetched, but it’s happened before. MGS V: The Phantom Pain was initially revealed as just “The Phantom Pain” from Moby Dick Studios.

However, Jeff has since clarified that this is not the case, as Xbox and Kojima have been in talks, with Xbox looking to publish Kojima’s next project. Reportedly, this is why the Kojima Productions statue was seen on Phil Spencer’s desk in a recent livestream. Jeff Grubb can’t confirm if the deal went through, meaning there’s the potential that nothing could come of this, but he notes that this is part of Microsoft’s plan to leverage Japanese talent.

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