Kingdom Come: Deliverance Has My Favourite Gaming Moment of 2018 So Far

Kingdom Come Deliverance

Released today, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a very serious RPG for very serious RPG fans. Its systems are incredibly dense and its mechanics not what you could call the contemporary norm. Despite a few flaws, it’s hard not to get completely sucked into its medieval world.

Which is why it’s such a delight when it drops the pretenses and goes completely off the rails in one quest featuring a priest and plenty of ale.

For some context: the heathen acts you see above come about from Henry trying to get a priest, Father Goodwin, to tell him confidential information about a suspect in a gruesome murder. Goodwin looks to be a straight and noble priest, but once he has ale inside him, the reality soon becomes apparent.

Over the nearly twenty minute sequence, Goodwin and Henry get in fights, have their way with “wenches”, and talk to sheep. It’s brilliant because it’s so utterly out of place in what is mostly a dour, grim game. To then follow that up with Henry pretending to be the protege of a respected preacher just puts the icing on top of the cake.

If you’re wondering if you should pick up Kingdom Come, I have been playing it for review and have made a decent dent in its considerable playtime. Here’s the gist from my first impressions:

“Perhaps my criticisms of Kingdom Come: Deliverance are so harsh because I toiled through such a concentrated section of frustration, but it was hard to ignore its faults even before they all so blindingly came into focus. Despite the flaws, there’s clearly been a lot of love poured into the game and I’ve barely touched upon how deep and rewarding so many other aspects of it are. It’s still too early for me to make a judgement call on the game, but it must be a good sign that I can look past the many issues I have with it and continue to enjoy the rough diamond at its core. Look for my review later in the week. For now, I will be getting drunk with priests and hoping for patches.”

Have you been playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance before release? Or are you picking it up today? Let us know in the comments down below.

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