Kane To Be Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame

The feels.

Source: WWE

As first announced on WWE’s The Bump, ‘The Big Red Machine’ Kane is set to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, alongside fellow legendary stars: Batista, Molly Holly and Eric Bischoff. I can’t imagine there’s a single wrestling fan out there who doesn’t have a soft spot for the former WWE Champion, a man who has created many fond memories for the WWE Universe across many generations. A well-deserved induction for one of the most selfless wrestlers to ever grace the squared circle.


Who should induct Kane into the Hall of Fame?

There’s currently no word on who will be inducting any of the 2021 Class just yet, but the obvious choice for ‘The Devil’s Favourite Demon’ is of course his former rival and partner, The Undertaker. With ‘Taker still yet to be announced as an entrant for this year’s class, it would seem odd for him not to be the one to give a passionate and emotional speech before introducing a man whose career is considered just as legendary as his own.

Another potential name to induct Mayor Glenn is Bruce Pritchard, a man who was instrumental in creating the Kane character in the late 90s. Without Pritchard, it’s hard to imagine the masked monster becoming the iconic superstar that he is today, so it only makes sense for him to be the one to see Kane through into the Hall of Fame.

On a personal note, I couldn’t be happier to see Kane inducted into this year’s Hall of Fame. My first memories of wrestling were of a red and black, masked leviathan who took on hordes of other wrestlers and shot fireballs out of his hands. I followed his career with such passion that I legitimately teared up when he was forced to unmask by the nefarious Triple H in 2003, and then again when he held up the World Heavyweight Championship in 2010.

If it weren’t for Kane, the walls of my house wouldn’t be lined with pinned-up wrestling shirts. If it weren’t for Kane, I would never have developed such a keen passion for something as silly as sports-entertainment.

Kane has made us laugh with joy and cower in fear; very few actors, let alone wrestlers, can say that they’ve achieved that range in their line of work. Outside of The Rock, Steve Austin, John Cena and Hulk Hogan, Kane might be one of the most popular and recognisable wrestlers of all time, there is no doubt that Glenn Jacobs has earned his spot among the greats.

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