Journey Developers Reveal New iOS Game, Sky

ThatGameCompany's Sky could also be coming to other platforms down the line.

ThatGameCompany, the beautiful minds behind the likes of Journey and Flower, have revealed their first non-Sony venture.

Sky, unveiled at Apple’s press conference, is a “social adventure game” that lets players from across the world to meet up and explore some very pretty places. This is a ThatGameCompany title, after all.

Here’s the teaser:

Lo-fi and heartbreakingly sincere, Sky looks like every inch the ThatGameCompany game, though it is quite odd that it’s only on Apple devices.

In an interview with Geoff Keighley, ThatGameCompany head Jenova Chen discussed the game’s approach to multiplayer and how it differs to the studio’s predecessors:

“If you really think about the player-to-player interaction in Journey, it’s very minimal. It’s almost like playing one one single tone across the whole melody. But now with many people we have all kinds of parameters. Like the number of people in a scene, the type of mechanics they engage with each other. Are they helping each other? Are they competing with each other? Are they potentially protecting each other? That interpersonal gameplay is now a new element that we could utilise to add a new feeling to the game.”

Sky drops this winter for Apple devices with plenty more set to be revealed before then – it may even be a timed exclusive, owing to the tone of the interview with Keighley. Until we hear more, let’s just say that it looks very nice. Will you be playing it?


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