Is GTA 6 Coming To Xbox Game Pass?


Xbox Game Pass is probably the biggest subscription service in gaming at the minute, while Grand Theft Auto 6 will more than likely break records and become the biggest game ever made when it launches on PS5 and Xbox Series X & S in 2025. A partnership between the two seems like a match made in heaven, so it’s no surprise that people are wondering if we’d ever see Grand Theft Auto 6 on Xbox Game Pass at some point.

The answer at the minute is no, you definitely won’t be seeing Grand Theft Auto 6 on Xbox Game Pass when it launches in 2025. Grand Theft Auto 6 is going to be too much of a success to let the game be available for free as part of a subscription service. Then again, it would certainly be a huge coup for Microsoft if they were able to negotiate a deal with Rockstar to make GTA 6 a Game Pass game on launch. They’d probably have to come loaded with all the money bags in the world to make that happen, but it’d be interesting nonetheless.

The more likely scenario is that once GTA 6 has been out for quite a while, and Rockstar are looking for an easy headline, we’ll likely see GTA 6 being added to the Xbox Game Pass library then. It’s the same path that Rockstar and Xbox Game Pass took with GTA 5, which has been added and removed from the service a few times now, and we should expect the same from both parties when it comes to GTA 6. We just have to wait for it to launch.


About Grand Theft Auto 6

While there aren’t concrete details on what the proper plot for Grand Theft Auto 6 is, we do know it’ll follow Lucia and her male accomplish, believed to be called Jason, as the two engage on a massive crime spree across Vice City and the surrounding counties. Meanwhile, we can also expect an updated version of GTA Online too.

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